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Private Speaking Lessons

Need to improve your TOEFL Speaking score?

Are you trying to get a 26+ or greater for Pharmacy, Teaching certification or an advanced B.A, PhD, or MBA?

Don’t use outdated “free” resources that will limit your responses. Our Private Speaking lessons will give you the guidance you need to actually take the exam confidently.  All of our teachers are experts on accent modification and will quickly teach you what TOEFL requires in a high scoring speaking answer.

TOEFL Mastery Course

Have you taken the TOEFL before and need to improve on only 1 or 2 sections? 

Maybe you have never taken the exam and you don’t know where to start.

Save valuable time and money with one of our TOEFL experts, and allow us to guide you where you need to improve most.  Our Cross Cultural ESL teachers will customize every lesson as well as study resources, to what you need to focus on the most. You can see substantial improvement and gain confidence in as little as 3-5 classes. 

1 Hour Speaking Evaluation

Many TOEFL students that contact us are needing to improve only a few points in their Speaking score but do not know how. They have studied, taken the test multiple times, but still do not improve.

Enroll in a 1-hour TOEFL Speaking Evaluation with  Cross Cultural ESL  and get results. You will perform an actual ETS TOEFL Speaking section with a speaking expert  and get feedback on what you are missing in your response. You can choose to continue with one of our private lessons or choose to receive a guided analysis of how to improve on your own. 

Cross Cultural ESL is a real TOEFL resource! They bring years of experience to her classes. The useful material that was shared and their ability to adjust to my needs helped me secure a 117 TOEFL score. My teachers expertise in the speaking and writing sections reflected on her presentations and the feedback she provided were a catalyst in my performance. I scored 29 in both sections. Thank you very much Jessica for your help and support throughout the process!!

Eleftherios Dafermos