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Cross Cultural ESL

Academic ESL and TOEFL® Test Preparation

Private online lessons with expert language instructors.
You decide when to meet, and only pay one simple price of $40 each class.

We understand the challenges in taking the TOEFL® and mastering a new language, so we make the process easy for you.

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Answer a Few Simple Questions

We just need to know a few things about you: who you are, what you want to learn, and when you’re available for class.  

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Start Learning

Get a Customized Learning Path and the Results You Need. 

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Professional Teachers

Our international team of teachers is comprised of the industries best talent in Linguistics, English as a Foreign Language, and the TOEFL test. All of our professors are graduates holding multiple certifications to ensure that you get the help you need. We believe that diversity is our strength as it empowers our organization with a vast variety of backgrounds, experiences, and talents.

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Best in Technology, Software and Security

CCESL provides access to the world's leading technological services, ensuring a learning environment that is cutting edge, flexible and secure. Partnering with of the largest technology enterprises to benefit from the highest quality products like Microsoft and Amazon, CCESL also works hand in hand with a number of 'Open Source' projects to ensure flexibility and a custom learning ecosystem.

Personalize Learning Path

Skip unnecessary courses and go straight to learning what you need to with a personalized Learning Path.
Once you enroll as a student, your CCESL teacher will work with you to create a direction of learning based upon your language weaknesses and test score requirements. It is entirely flexible, which means as you advance through your lessons, the focus can be adjusted to optimize time and results. Whether you need to study ESL, Accent Reduction, or focus on one section of the TOEFL exam, we can help you reach your goals efficiently.

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"My Cross Cultural ESL teacher was a real TOEFL expert! She brought years of experience to each class. The useful material she shared and her ability to adjust to my needs helped me secure a 117 TOEFL score. Her expertise in the speaking and writing sections reflected on her presentations and the feedback she provided were a catalyst in my performance. I scored 29 in both sections. Thank you very much Jessica for your help and support throughout the process!!"
Elefterios Dafermos
Harvard Law Student
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