4-Day TOEFL® Master Course

This is an intensive 4 day course designed to teach you how to succeed on the TOEFL test.


Course Overview

What's Included? 

  • 4 Classes Teaching All 4 Sections
  • 3 Complete TOEFL® Practice Tests
  • 29 Graded Practice Activities
  • All 4 Sections Graded + Instructor Feedback
  • 200 Word TOEFL® Academic Vocabulary Set
  • TOEFL® Academic Based Lectures for Daily Listening Practice
  • What to Expect on Test Day Video and ETS Registration Support. 

Requirements: Completion of practice tests, and practice homework is required outside of class, and before the next class begins. If your home practice has not been completed before your next class, you can reschedule at no extra cost. 

Who Should Take This Course?

~Any student can improve with this course.

It is perfect for students with limited time to study for the test, or students needing to learn about all four sections. You will learn what to expect on the test, and how to approach and respond to each task, as well as what your personal weaknesses are and how to fix them. 

Lessons are fast paced and instructor graded. 


What Will I Study?

The first step on getting the scores you want on the TOEFL® is knowing what level you are starting at, and what you need to improve on. (this test is different than our FREE test)

Once you sign up for your 5 Day TOEFL® Master Course you will get access to your first practice test. Your scores will be sent to your instructor before your first class, so you can together see where your strengths and weaknesses are. 

Your CCESL TOEFL® Instructor will begin your first lesson by giving you feedback on your Diagnostic Practice Test.

-Now you can target your study.

This class covers the Reading Section thoroughly. You will understand how to approach each essay and question type, and the skills used to answer questions correctly. 

You will then get another 3 Essay Reading Mini Test to complete before your next day of study. 

  • +PLUS practice homework
  • +PLUS over a hundred practice questions

AI and instructor graded.

All scores and feedback can be accessed through your CCESL student dashboard.

This session will begin reviewing your Reading  tests, then jump into the Listening Section of the TOEFL®.

You will learn how to answer on each task and practice live with your instructor. Lastly, after class you receive a Listening Section Mini Test to submit for review.

AI and instructor graded.

All scores and feedback can be accessed through your CCESL student dashboard.

This lesson begins with brief feedback on your Listening Mini test, then dives into the Speaking Section. 

You will practice a Speaking mini test with your instructor, as well as be assigned a 4 task mini test to complete before your last class. 

All speaking and writing tasks are instructor graded with TOEFL scoring, and detailed feedback is provided. 

This lesson is split into 2 parts. You will cover the Writing Section of the test in the first part.

The last 30 minutes of class is all about what you need to work on the most. You can either focus on speaking 1-1 with your instructor, work on your writing, or review reading and listening information, or talk about test day.  What ever it is you’re struggling with the most. 

After class you will get your final practice test. Reading and listening will be auto graded, and your speaking and writing final feedback review will be graded within a day of your last class. You will have access to this feedback on your student dashboard. 

The cost for this course is $140 and includes all of the above lessons, and practice tests. 

Becoming a student is pretty easy.

  1. Create your student account by signing up here, and get immediate access to your student learning dashboard. (Your class materials, practice tests, booking calendar, and payment portal can be found here.)
  2. Fill out our Registration Form and choose the day you want to begin. (note: you do not have to take classes back to back, you can skip days. We recommend completing your course within a 14 day period for best results.)
  3. Pay for Your Class
  4. Take a Practice Test
  5. Get an email with your class link to meet with your teacher.
  6. Start Learning
Elefteris D.
Elefteris D.
Law Student, Greece
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My teacher is a real TOEFL expert! She brings years of experience to her classes. The useful material she shared and her ability to adjust to my needs helped me secure a 117 TOEFL score. Her expertise in the speaking and writing sections reflected on her presentations and the feedback she provided were a catalyst in my performance. I scored 29 in both sections. Thank you very much Cross Cultural ESL for your help and support throughout the process!!

I'm Ready to Get the Scores I Need

Frequently Asked Questions

This Course Costs $140 usd, and includes all 4 TOEFL sections. 

Yes, You will be receiving a few practice tests and practice homework that you will submit to your teacher for review. 

Yes! Your teacher is there to support you every step of the way. They do sleep on the occasion but you get the same level of support online with CCESL that you do with a University Professor. We are here to help you succeed.

It’s an Easy Process!

  1. Tell Us About Your Studying Needs, Target Scores, and Scheduling Availability.
  2. Speak with a Scheduler and Get Connected with Your Instructor and Student Login Information
  3.  Pay for Class, then Start Learning. 

We can get students in as soon as 1 to 2 days after you speak with a scheduler. You must first fill out a registration telling us about your scoring needs and preferred study time. After that everything gets set up pretty quick. 

Once you are scheduled for your classes, you log in to your student dashboard and follow the pay instructions there.

We use Amazon Pay, which will authorize the transaction, but will not take the payment until after you have completed your class.  

(it’s easy to use and an extremely safe way to pay!)

This is perfectly fine. Just contact scheduling and let them know as soon as possible. 

We prefer a 12 hour notice so our teachers can possibly help another student in that time space.