About Us

“The quality of an education system cannot exceeded the quality of its teachers.”

Cross Cultural ESL is team of educators and professionals that are committed to teaching the highest standard of online language learning. We know this starts with education and training.  


We believe that the education we provide is only as good as the teachers delivering it. Cross Cultural ESL has a competitive and systematic approach to hiring, attracting, developing, and retaining the most talented educators of linguists and language learning. Our teachers are required to a teaching degree and are exam tested, as well as go through a series of interviews to judge their fit on teaching, on factors such as motivation and emotional intelligence. Candidates participate in observed clinical teaching (classroom and student situations) to ensure they are culturally sensitive and good with people.


Out of all the controllable factors behind our student’s achievements is the effectiveness of our teachers. To demand an elite online classroom environment and better-equipped educators, Cross Cultural ESL relies heavily on identifying effective and ineffective teachers early on in their training. We implement rigorous performance management systems and reinforcement of strategies assuring that our educators deliver consistently in the classroom.

Our story

“When I began teaching English as a second language, I had no clear direction. I enjoyed teaching people how to communicate. I felt so much reward when a student learned a new word or a way to express themselves through the language. As time passed, students would fill my class, learn, and then leave. I felt unsatisfied. Where did they go? What did they do with this new knowledge I had imparted on them?

Then I learned about the TOEFL test.

I saw the TOEFL as this bridge that connected cultures, ideas, and education, country to country around the world. It not only empowers students to take the next steps in their lives and careers, but it sets a clear standard of excellence that can be reached by anyone that wants to achieve it. I started teaching students how to pass the TOEFL one-by-one. My students were Pharmacists, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and Teachers from all around the world. As each student came and went, I found they returned to me a short time after with smiles and excitement over their achievement. They now take the next step in life. They could move abroad, go to University, study medicine, speak to their clients and patients, and they could share ideas. 

In this world that is full of barriers and opposition, I could be a part of the bridge of communication through language education and the TOEFL. I had finally found my purpose.”

Founder of Cross Cultural ESL- Jessica Sasse