Speak confidently and be understood.

Our Private 1-on-1 Speaking fluency lessons help students develop stronger conversational fluency in English, especially for the TOEFLiBT.  Many students who are interested in getting high scores on TOEFL Speaking do not have the necessary English speaking ability to get their goal score.  Moreover, other students have already studied or taken the TOEFL and are struggling to jump from a 23-24 to the Speaking 26+. In our English Fluency classes, you will learn how to…

  • Speak on the TOEFL test.
  • Think and speak faster in English
  • Identify and adjust parts of your speech and accent that makes it difficult to understand in English.
  • Speak with more confidence
  • Improve your grammar and academic vocabulary
  • Learn how to speak in a natural pace to English Speakers.



In most instances, students need multiple classes to improve your score depending on where your English mastery is when you start.  

Pay as You Go, no obligation study.