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Cross Cultural ESL specializes in preparing students for taking the ETS TOEFL® exam with high scoring results. All classes are self paced and are performed online on our campus platform.  Our lessons are designed to teach you the strategies needed to navigate the exam, and focus primarily on the students weakest skills. You will have access to study resources, your class materials, and teacher support throughout your study. 


  • Average Length: Self-Paced (4-10 classes recommended for substantial improvement.) 
  • Participation: In Class and Self Study with Assignments
  • Subject: TOEFL Exam
  • Admissions: Open Enrollment
  • Tuition: $40.00 per class



Advanced Speaking 26+

We can help you get advanced scores in the TOEFL Speaking and Writing section required for Pharmacy FPGEC, PhD, Engineering and Law degrees.  You can expect to greatly improve in a few classes. 




Not sure what you are scoring or why?

We offer a 1 hour Authentic Speaking test administered by a Cross Cultural ESL Speaking expert. Get guided feedback on what you need to improve on the most.  



 I took the TOEFL test twice before the summer and did not make the minimum of 24 points.  I reached out to Cross Cultural ESL to get help in the speaking part (and the others too). From the very first day my teacher Jessica was very confident of the parts of my speaking that needed improvement (mainly accent and intonation). Throughout ten classes with her my speaking improved every class. She also gave me resources to self-study between lessons that were really helpful. The best part is that I reached my goal in the speaking part (I would had not been able to do it just myself) . My final score was a 107 (ten points more than my previous test in just ten classes!!).

-Luis Blanco