Becoming a Student is Easy

Login to your student dashboard, request a preferred class time, then start learning. 

Step 1

Create your Student Account, then Sign in to get access to your FREE student learning dashboard. 

Step 2

Tell us about you and what you want to focus on in your lesson, then choose the best day and time to meet for class. 

Step 3

Start Learning

Get personalized lessons, graded practice, and live teacher feedback. 

What Our Students Have to Say

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Your 1 hour class is not just an hour, but its the start of getting the support you need. With every hour you meet with your personal instructor, you get a personalized lesson, practice homework that gets graded, and practice tests with instructor feedback. 

It’s an Easy Process!

  1. Tell Us About Your Studying Needs, Target Scores, and Scheduling Availability.
  2. Speak with a Scheduler and Get Connected with Your Instructor and Student Login Information
  3.  Pay for Class, then Start Learning. 

We can get students in as soon as 1 to 2 days after you speak with a scheduler. You must first fill out a registration telling us about your scoring needs and preferred study time. After that everything gets set up pretty quick. 

Once you are scheduled for class, you log in to your student dashboard and follow the pay instructions there.

We use Amazon Pay, which will authorize the transaction, but will not take the payment until after you have completed your class.  

(it’s easy to use and an extremely safe way to pay!)

This is perfectly fine. Just contact scheduling and let them know as soon as possible. 

We prefer a 12 hour notice so our teachers can possibly help another student in that time space. 

Absolutely! Many of our students focus on 1 or 2 sections that they struggle with the most. 

Of course. As a Cross Cultural ESL student you get full access to multiple practice tests. You can’t improve if you don’t practice!

Yes! We are experts at accent perfection and helping you be better understood on the exam. 

Yes! Your teacher is there to support you every step of the way. They do sleep on the occasion but you get the same level of support online with CCESL that you do with a University Professor. We are here to help you succeed. 

Yep! CCESL teachers are trained thoroughly on the ends and outs of the TOEFL test and have helps numerous students reach their target scores.