Technology to Bring you to the classroom

Today's classroom can, and should, be available to anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world...Cross Cultural ESL's technology platform is built with this in mind...

"Technology, like water, is supposed to be this clear, safe medium that connects a person to their most important needs. This platform was built with the simple concept that people avoid water we can't see through. Like clean water, our platform serves it's purpose without being a problem itself."
dANIEL sASSE; Chief Technology Officer

No Installs, No Plugins, No Updates

Cross Cultural ESL's technology is built 100% around the languages of the internet itself...HTML.  Leveraging these languages allow us to deliver secure, rich experiences right in your favorite browser.  No installations or clients installed on your Computer, no browser plugins, no update packages to download every few weeks...or days.

Security and Reliability

While Cross Cultural ESL takes advantage of community backed applications, we chose Microsoft's Azure Cloud infrastructure to ensure 24/7/365 operations. Furthermore, CCESL staff operate exclusively in Microsoft's Office365 software to support student data privacy and teacher availability.  To protect student payment information, who better to lean on than the world's biggest retailer, Amazon Pay. Student payment information is never seen or accessed by Cross Cultural ESL directly. 

An Open Source Digital Campus

Open Source, if describe in brief, means a global community helps create an maintain the applications. Cross Cultural ESL uses a number of open source applications to benefit  from this community. Moodle is our learning platform and used by thousands of educational institutions around the world. Our digital classroom experience is served by the Big Blue Button project offering face-to-face video without clients or installers. 

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